An Unconventional Metric of Success

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For most companies, profit growth is a measure of success. While this is true at Quadracer also. We also operate on a couple of other metrics to measure the success of our products.

We have continued to sell god_mod frames and support the owners of god_mode frames. One of the things we prominently did was change our carbon to an upgraded level, absorbing the cost to improve reliability. At first there was no measurable way to determine the success of this change, but over time it’s become evident in the numbers.

We pride ourselves on the unconventional metric that less arm sales means better quality carbon. Below is a sample data that uses an estimate of god_modes in the field and compares it to total number of arms sold per hundred orders.

The trend is downwards and combining this with anecdotal feedback, we’re exceptionally proud of the improvement in reliability and performance. If you can find that with another $65, locally designed and produced frame we’ll be impressed.

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